BlogHandy automatically inherits your existing CSS and website design, eliminating the need for templates and themes. Achieve the easy, straightforward way to incorporate a blog into your website. There is no need to install anything, keep backups, or update the software on your server. Paste two lines of code into your existing website to begin blogging.

BlogHandy works with any custom website, website builder, e-commerce platform, landing page builder, or marketing app. You can copy and paste code into your blog to get started.

With BlogHandy, you get this SEO-optimized blog under your domain with built-in social sharing options, commenting functionality, and a lightning-fast SEO analyzer. And all that, without technical jargon or know-how in a simple-to-use interface.

Inherits Your Website Design

There is no need for a designer to modify themes and templates. Paste our two lines of code into your website and start blogging!

Zero Maintenance                           

You’ll never have to worry about updates, security holes, backups, or hosting again with BlogHandy. We handle everything.

Designed For Efficiency

Our user interface has just the right amount of functionality to be feature-rich without sacrificing productivity with unnecessary gimmicks.

WordPress Is Not Required

  • Stop worrying about WordPress updates, security vulnerabilities, and backups.
  • No more plugins or themes are required because all core functions are built-in.
  • BlogHandy will automatically inherit your current website design.
  • You can incorporate our headless blog into any existing page with a few clicks.

User-friendly Interface

  • Designed with the end user in mind
  • BlogHandy has an easy-to-use menu that allows you to get started right away.
  • Optimized for speed and usability
  • No technical knowledge is required to set up your blog.

SEO Optimized From the Core

  • SEO tools built in to wholly help you rank higher in search engines
  • Use your primary domain to host your blog.
  • Change the URL slugs and Meta tags.
  • Pagespeed optimization has been implemented to reduce loading times.

Social Sharing Is Built In

  • Option for one-click social sharing
  • Twitter’s highlight-to-share feature
  • Allow social commenting through Facebook and Disqus.
  • Social sharing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other platforms

Commenting For Every Situation

  • Allow social commenting through Disqus or Facebook.
  • With a single click, you can access our built-in commenting system.

Seamless integrations – It Just Works

  • You can incorporate a blog into your website with just two lines of code.
  • Select a professionally designed template that adapts to your website.
  • It integrates seamlessly into your website and is SEO-friendly.
  • Customize even more with our API.

Final Words

BlogHandy is a high-quality web app and, in my opinion, one of the best applications released this year. This excellent app will appeal to anyone looking for a change.

Web App: Blog Handy