We can’t talk about the best free Android apps without mentioning this one. Pointz is a must-have app for riders of micro-mobility devices such as bikes, scooters, and skateboards who are looking for alternative routes to their destination.

While Google Maps already does this, what distinguishes this Android app is that it wholly uses crowdsourcing to find newer routes that may not be available elsewhere. Other app features include evaluating roads in terms ofโ€™ surface’ or ‘traffic’ directly from the app’s home screen, allowing you to ride stress-free.

The navigation app promotes safety by providing traffic information such as speed limits, road surface type, and road type (residential, commercial). You can also choose between the safest and fastest routes as part of its extra features. It is also found the app to be very user-friendly, with simple features. Overall, this app has a great idea and execution to match.

5 Pointz Features from the Professionals

The existing data in the free Android app comes from Wiki World’s OpenStreetMap. This new app from Pointz Mobility Inc has a lot of potentials and works well with your Android phone. Pointz is a navigation app designed to be used while riding a motorcycle. Please put it in your vehicle’s cell phone holder or use the voice command function for turn-by-turn verbal directions.

Pointz is essentially a bike version of Waze. The app prefers roads on a “quiet network” of lower-stress routes. This navigation app is designed specifically for bike/micro-mobility riders, emphasizing safety. It was built with the assistance and input of hundreds of bike riders and bike advocacy leaders.

They also consider traffic speed limits, road surface type, and road type, residential or commercial, and combine this with existing bike infrastructure databases to determine a bike-friendliness rating on a 1-5 scale. Through the app’s crowd sourcing feature, they use community-generated feedback to adjust the ratings and identify problem areas. It contributes to providing the safest routes for riders. Pointz considers various safety and comfort factors such as “elevation or traffic volume on the street.