In this current world, there are lots of social interaction apps that have been created in the recent past. They have all been uniquely designed to meet specific needs, right? One such app that have proven to be exceptionally fun-filled and captivating is the Askers app. Why? It has adopted a unique approach that brings users close to their favorite high-profile personalities from all over the world. This is through allowing the user to create different questions which are then sent to the preferred influential personality for recorded answers. Whether it is about asking questions to celebrities, politicians or even industrial leaders, the response are quickly given and are absolutely satisfactory. Besides, the personal engaging experience brings great fascination and it’s truly a chance worth trying!

The Operation of the Askers app

As a user, one should be ready to enjoy an amazing great experience that is quite simple and intuitive. First, it is all about coming up with any question that can be channeled to the preferred celebrity, politician or any high profile individual. Meanwhile, it is notable that the user will be required to make a small payment in order to get the voice answer from the intended source. On the other hand, such voice message offers an individual with an amazing opportunity to get some significant income. In relation to that, the user will be required to share such a voice message on the Q&A community where it can be accessed by others for download. With such great fun and earnings, Askers app is focused on giving its user the ultimate satisfaction.

The Suitable Devices for Askers app

The ability of an app to deliver exceptional performance highly determines the device that it can work on. Thus, Askers app has exhibited exceptional performance, a factor that makes it to be well-compatible with Android 4.0 or any latest one.

When it comes to unique features of the Askers app, one will come across the following:

Ask question for a voice answer

Is there any arising question worth asking? This is the only opportunity that has been availed to the user by the uniquely-designed Askers app. Apparently, this social app allows its users to ask different questions in relation to the selected topics. Such questions can be directed to personalities such as celebrities, politicians, tech-experts, businesspeople and many others. It only cost a small charge to get the voice answer.

Choose the preferred category

There are numerous categories that one may want to direct the question to, right? Askers app has been designed to bring great satisfaction to varied group of individuals who possess different interests. Thus, some of the major categories will contain issues related to politicians, chief chefs, celebrities, authors, leaders among others. With such a wide range of choice, this can absolutely help to boost the knowledge of the user.

Share personal accomplishment

Enjoying any accomplishment in the field of expertise? If one is ready to share such information and knowledge, then Askers app will best serve as the perfect platform. The user is allowed to express different ideas, opinions, arguments and facts through voice messages. Such information can be made available through the Q&A community. An interesting thing about this sharing is that such a person can stand a chance of making some income once the content is downloaded.


Make money from voice messages

The voice message received can be quite exceptional, fun and interesting. Why not share it with other people in the Q&A community? This is an amazing opportunity that can open a door to making money via this Askers app. Actually, the user will indeed get double benefit. First, it is expressed through personal interaction with the high-profile personality. Secondly, it involves making some substantial income once the voice message has been downloaded by other users.

Here are the Pros and Cons that are evident in Askers app:


· Wide range of influential persons to question

· A chance to make great earnings

· Personalized and engaging interaction

· Absolutely efficient and simple to use

· Personal information sharing allowed


· Slowdown in loading pages

· Affected by the bug problem

Final Verdict

In this dynamic and ever-demanding setup, getting an app that provides great interaction at all levels is quite phenomenal. This is because such an app bridges the gap between different groups of individual by maintaining constant communication. Askers app has truly achieved this objective by answering arising questions directed to highly influential personalities. Thus, it is an app worth getting. It can be downloaded for free from the Google Play. Get it now and get started!


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