Playing games, especially puzzles were the best part of my childhood life. Even though I am a grown-up person, I always choose to play puzzle games such as matching dots puzzle, jigsaw etc. They give many benefits to children and develop physical, cognitive as well as emotional skills. These skills are the building blocks for a well rounded person. I am here today to write about a game which is called Hexadots. It is an opportunity for young children as well as adults to focus on an activity which helps to develop them as they grow up.

 Hexa Dots is a fantastic variation in the color matching game. It is designed by Desdoo. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and requires iOS 8.0 or later.

To start this game you need to simply download the app from the store. There are around 100 levels to play. You have to move 4 dots of the same color in a line to make them disappear. What comes in your mind right now? You must be thinking is it a game, it’s so simple? What’s the unique thing about it? Wait, the picture is not over. It’s only the beginning.

Unlike other games, with every move you make new dots appear! You have to place same color dots either in a row or a column so that new dots appear. You have to eliminate the hexa dots in the fewest moves possible before the new dots block your path to the colors you need.


Once you have passed a level, you can unlock additional levels to play. It will be more interesting and give you a chance to win coins or buy more via in-app purchase. Increase your power or buy bonuses using coins.

 Some amazing tips for this game to play are the 4 awesome power ups which help you in every step where you fall. You can destroy a single dot for destruction using Target, change the color of a single dot and switch the colors of two adjacent dots to match it with a new row or column. Last but not the least, the bomb will destroy all dots surrounding a centre dot which makes the game more fascinating.

 The app is beautifully designed with awesome colors and images. User-interface is intuitive in nature and the sound effects will cheer you to play again and again. It’s a super addictive game.

Overall, I would say that Hexadots is a different game from others. It makes a child attentive and enhance knowledge also. You will never get bored playing this game. It is fully entertaining as well as a fun based app.

It is available for free on the App store. Get it on your iPad today and become a master of Hexadots! Have fun!

PROS: around 100 levels; chances to win coins in each level; amazing power ups; addictive game; free.


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