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Published on May 24th, 2020 | by Earnest


Tiny Cube Jump

Tiny Cube Jump Earnest

Tiny Cube Jump

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Summary: The new game is designed for players of all ages – be it kids, teenagers or adults. You will take on the responsibility of a cute cube as it attempts to reach the other end of the platform by jumping.


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Many researches have concluded that instead of harming the brain, video games are in fact truly efficient in helping us enhance our brains and in also raising the metabolism of the mind. If you are a person who is always against people playing games, you should turn your views of the habit over as it is highly beneficial for the mental and the physical self. With their complex, challenging and ambitious nature, virtual games have come a long way. It is proven with recent research that video games are highly beneficial in kids as it develops their cognitive skills and strengthens the hand to eye coordination. These games help to improve the brain in constant simulation and the performance of the cerebrum.

Tiny Cube Jump is a mobile based app that works as a casual game on smart phones and devices.

Developed by:

Tiny Cube Jump’ is a mobile app that was designed and developed by ‘801Chase’.

How the app works:

Download and install the ‘Tiny Cube Jump’ app on your smart phone or other compatible devices. Now start the game and touch on the controls to move the cube to jump further higher. Now start collecting coins as you traverse further in the game. Collect coins and unlock new levels of the game. Make sure you avoid the red specks that fly about the game as they kill the cube. Ensure that the cube does not fall below the levels once you go higher and higher.

Features of the app:

Tiny Cube Jump’ has many innovative features of which some are listed down here.

  • Simple and fun user interface
  • High quality graphics
  • Collect coins for high score
  • Share your scores on social media

Compatible with:

Tiny Cube Jump’ works on all Android devices.

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