Audials is a well-designed and comprehensive radio player as well as a radio recording application for the android platform which covers over 80 thousand radio stations including the most wanted radio stations from the West Coast, South and East Coast. It is rare to find an android app which is so useful and user-friendly at the same time. The app is loaded with features and once downloaded it will make sure that you never get bored. With many such apps available in the market, Audials has managed to pull the attraction towards itself. Here are the features which make it a must download’ if you have an Android phone.

1) Search for the Radio Station which best fits your taste in music.

Your favorite artists, genres, and radio stations are just a click away. Simply search their names and Audials will find it across its vast database of 80 thousand radios and numerous MP3 streams. Whether you search for your favorite ones or explore some new ones, you will be amazed by the efficiency of the app.

2) Record from the Radio.

You can easily record the music and songs played on the internet radio by simply clicking the record button. It will record the song that is being played on the radio in a high-quality MP3 file. You can listen to your recorded songs anywhere, anytime and as many times as you want to. The best thing about this feature is that unlike other apps which do not allow you to listen to the downloaded content through other apps, this app makes sure that you have the liberty to hear your downloaded/recorded content wherever you want.


3) Clock Radio.

What could be better than waking up to your favorite radio station in the morning! Yes, you read it right, Audials allows you to set your favorite Internet radio as your alarm tone. It is also stuffed with incredible functions like Snooze and includes Sleep Timer as well.

4) Airplay and Chromecast Support.

Audials takes pride in being the only application which can stream songs to airplay receivers. Not to forget, it also supports Chromecast streaming which works as good as it can and is very reliable.

5) More than 1000,000 Podcasts.

From current affairs, news, documentaries, and much more, Audials covers a large range of entertainments with numerous podcasts.

6) Go Wireless!

Audials allows wireless syncing between your phone and the computer at your home or office and lets you enjoy your favorite music irrespective of where you are at the moment. Well, what else can we ask for!

7) Equalizer.

The inbuilt equalizer of the applications gives you the experience of high-quality music by adapting the sound for each and every headphone or amplifying system.

Overview: Pros and Cons.


– Zapping and Record Feature

– More than 80k radio stations and hundreds of genres.

– Minimum bitrate search.

– Album art for the song which is being played.


– Basic UI

– Advertisements in the free version.

Audials is nothing but fun and entertainment packaged in an android application. I highly recommend this app to all the android users who are music enthusiasts or anybody who needs a splash of entertainment in their lives.