Old Win Downtown Casino is a fine option for those who want a risk-free way to satisfy their gambling urges on the go. Upon opening the app for the first time, it becomes apparent that the interface was designed with care. The menu buttons are responsive and placed in an organized fashion.

The color scheme is rich and warm without being overbearing. The quality of the background music is crisp and sets a suitable atmosphere for the nature of the game. The animation for the slot machine is fairly authentic and helps deepen the app’s sense of the immersion. Upon completing a round of slots, the completion window gives off a satisfyingly rewarding feeling and encourages further play. The ‘currency’ used to play is represented by gold coins, and it doesn’t take very long to start earning coins in the thousands.

Upon completing each round of slots, the acquired currency is represented by a large wave of animated gold coins that rush to the indicator displaying your current winnings. Even without the real financial stakes of a genuine slot machine session in real life, the app’s fast-paced reward system is appealing to anyone who enjoys games of chance. The slot machine icons are all cleanly illustrated and pleasingly color-coordinated.

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In addition to the button pressed to spin the slot machine, there is also a button for using “boosts’, which can be used to increase the risk-reward factor of your spins. The varying degrees of boost intensity that can be chosen are 2x, 3x, 4x, and 5x. Near the “boost” button is a button that can be pressed to alter the maximum amount of coins that you’re willing to bet, which can either be greater or lower than the standard rate. The final button on the far left is the “Lines” button, used to specify the number of payout lines that you find suitable for your next spin.

In addition to the buttons used to adjust your preferred style of play, there are also easily accessible buttons for ‘help’ and ‘settings’ in the upper right corner. In the settings menu, you can freely toggle the background music and sound effects on and off. The settings menu also provides the option for enabling the ‘autospin’ feature, viewing your competition on the app’s leaderboard, and a direct line of contact to the app’s developer for requesting re-skins and various other adjustments.

The Help menu is particularly impressive in its thoroughness. Every different payout combination and slot machine icon is explained in detail with clearly legible text. The icons used during play are presented next to their explanations in the Help menu, making it easy to quickly grasp the nuances of the game without strenuous effort.


-Pleasing color scheme and display
-Immersive background music and sound effects
-Responsive buttons
-Quick and rewarding flow of play
-Organized menu interface
-A detailed Help menu for learning the game’s rules
-Direct line of contact to the app developer for user support


-Some users might be turned off by the advertisements unless they are deactivated with an upgrade

Final verdict:

THE OLD WIN DOWNTOWN CASINO is smooth-running, free of bugs, and user-friendly. The app was clearly professionally designed and has a satisfying level of user support. It is free to download and easy to become immersed in quickly. Though some users might be bothered the advertisements, the ads can be removed while unlocking additional features through affordable upgrades. Overall, the app is a solid 4/5.