Babytime, the perfect app for smart parents written by: gautamnanda When it comes to nursing a baby or a toddler, only the ones who were once parents can only understand the requirement of other parents. And the tips these seniors give really do matter. Baby Nursing apps have thus become quite important as every parent would like to know how they can comfort their precious little one without disturbing the whole street or to relax for some precious moments of sleep.When It all comes to picking the right app, Babytime leads the rank lists, thanks to the trust the users have placed on this. This chapter of life having a baby, can be a really testing period for the parents and this is where the Enhancient, an Australia based development studio, had released a new app, Babytime. This has really turned their disordered lives into a better and a memorable one.

Babytime provides the user access, to record bottle-feeding, nursing,diaper change and sleep information that can be easily synced to other mobiles and other users. Storing this data turns out to be extra-beneficial as it will be used to monitor overall baby behaviour and make needy changes based on the trend. For instance, If you find the sleeping pattern of the baby to be irregular, you can plan and re-schedule this to benefit both you and the baby.

This also has multiple profile option using a single user account, allowing you to monitor more than one baby, incase. This comes with a night mode, preventing inconvenience to your partner if you are expected using it in odd hours.

Babytime as it is expected, has a very user-friendly design and interface. Having a single screen interface, it can be operated solely by one hand as the designers know that you are going to have a baby in the other hand. Basically there are 3 main icons which are located on this app :

Moon icon — By clicking on this, you can get information of the pattern and trends of sleep by tracking the overall time your baby sleeps.

Diaper icon — This has two options, wet and dirty. By observing this, you can monitor the number of full diapers used up by your baby and get to know if the feeding is enough.

Feeding icon — This icon is used to track both bottle feeding and also through breast. It will also note the amount of time you have spent on each breast giving a note of the last fed side and the time spent on that side . It can be shifted to bottle mode, in case want to follow formula or (EBM) expressed breast milk .


The major advantage of this application comes when it helps you to take decisions intelligently based on standard data, rather than random guesses, which can have undesired effects when you are in the process of training your precious little one in settling to a certain plan. On a lighter note, this is an app created by parents for upcoming parents so that they can be relieved from unwanted confusions and making you more organized.

Babytime is available at an introductory price of $0.99 . It can be purchased through the App Store and can be operated on iPad, iPod and iPhone