While everyone asks you to think out of the box, the iOS app Lifebox. asks you to do otherwise. Developed by Daisuke Sonobe, this app has interesting and entertaining animated stick figures that have been trapped in boxes. It is a unique app that is sure to change your outlook on what you can do with a simple stick figure. There is absolutely no way you will get bored at any point of time with this app on your device. Lifebox. is compatible with the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad having iOS 7.0 or higher. In addition, it requires 349 MB of free space as well.

The app brings to you a whole world of movable stick figures, each of which has been trapped in a tiny box. The moves and actions of these figures are indeed fun to watch and serve as an excellent source of entertainment for everyone. Another interesting aspect is that you can manipulate these boxes as you like and place them on your screen according to your wish.

To move the boxes around, you merely have to swipe them across your screen. To delete a box, you need to tap on it and hold. Through a series of customizations, you can create fun and unique wallpapers for your device as and when you like. When you get started, it all begins with just black and white boxes. You can add the colors red, yellow and green to the boxes as well. Then feel free to arrange them according to your preferences.

It is indeed fascinating to observe the stick figures over time. It will indeed astonish you, leaving you wondering what their next move is going to be. The randomness of the game and the stick figures is sure to keep you fascinated for a good while. It is a unique app that has no competition in the market at present, owing to its unique concept as well as implementation.

This is one of those apps that live up to what they boast of being. Customizing the screen is as easy as the app developers make it sound. The stick figures will sure impress you and keep you both hooked and entertained for long. The app features a clean and neat layout design. There are no additional elements or any distracting unnecessary clutter. The interface has been kept minimal and functional. The appearance is one of the first features that will stand out and take your fancy.


All said and done, this app is sure worth a try if you like randomness and are looking for some entertainment. At present, the app is available for free. The price is expected to increase around mid-January to $0.99 however. One of the cons of the app is that it is quite huge in size, which is evident from the time it takes to download. It is not lightweight to say the least. Nonetheless, this app is different from anything you would have come across before and is sure to keep you entertained for long.

Good: Customizable and easy to use, clean minimal layout

Bad: Requires a lot of memory space