If people are searching for an all-around quality choice with several great game features, look at Bad Drawing Quiz developed by Bad Game Studio, where you can guess them with strange and “bad” drawing styles.

Bad Drawing Quiz is a free trivia game in which you must guess the names of hundreds of strange and “bad” drawings of everyday and common objects. Can you identify strange and “bad” images of everyday and common items?

You can play and guess strange and “bad” pictures with the Bad Drawing Quiz. We know the names of everything around us. Can we guess them with strange and “bad” drawing styles? Bad Drawing Quiz has around 400 items for you to choose from.

Bad Drawing Quiz Has The Following Features:

  • Approximately 400 items
  • 20 different levels
  • Practical Advice
  • Fun, strange, and “bad” pictures to play with and laugh at together

Salient Characteristics of Bad Drawing Quiz

  • High-quality trivia game
  • Top performance of 400 items for you to choose from
  • Amazing & Engaging app
  • Simplicity & Stunning performance
  • Fast loading time
  • Compatibility & Compactness
  • Visually appealing
  • Simple and user-friendly UI/UX

How the app works:                       

Download and install the Bad Drawing Quiz app developed by Bad Game Studio on your smartphone or other similar devices. Now launch the app on your device and start playing.

The game app is qualitative and packed with useful features that keep you coming back for more. The features are useful, and the controls are simple enough for anyone to learn on the go. This is a fresh approach to trivia game apps in general and should be noticed.


If you’re an ardent fan of unique trivia game apps in general, then Bad Drawing Quiz, developed by Bad Game Studio, is one you must check out on holiday.