Unlock Learn which used to be GnosisConnect from InfoPro Learning is a cloud-based digital learning management solution that assists businesses in creating customizable employee training programmes. The solution bridges the knowledge gap between learners and instructors while also increasing the organization’s overall knowledge footprint. The solution is tailored to the specific needs of business administrators, business unit heads, managers, and employees. Unlock LEARN assists companies in maximising the ROI of their internal and external training programmes.

Measurable Performance Impact

Measuring employee, partner, and customer performance is critical for determining your platform’s ROI. Unlock LEARN equips you with role-based dashboards, powerful data integrations, and custom-built data visualisation to help you measure what matters most to your specific organisation.

Creating Meaningful Learning Opportunities

Not distracting, but engaging

Unlock LEARN, designed by learning experts, has been shown to increase learner focus by limiting common distractions found in most digital applications.

Increase Content Consumption

They make the most of every login by putting your most important content in places that your learners can’t ignore.

Personalize the Experience

Your learning experience should be consistent with your brand experience, and no other platform offers such complete customization as Unlock LEARN.

Get Rid of Friction

Unlock LEARN removes the most significant barriers in your learning journey, such as single-sign-on, intelligent search, and AI chatbots.

Long-Term Operational Excellence

Unlock LEARN was created with the goal of focusing on the 20% of features that people use 80% of the time. We’ve kept these features at the forefront of our platform to help you maximise the efficiency of your resources, whether that’s a dedicated team of LMS administrators or an extra hat for someone to wear.

Essential Advantages of Using Unlock Learn

  • Through interactive tools, Unlock Learn enables organisations to provide personalised learning content to their employees.
  • Unlock Learn provides an interactive dashboard for tracking live learning performance and upcoming training programme schedules.
  • The self-enrolment feature allows students to select and enrol in programmes from a list of available courses.
  • The software includes advanced gamification tools that enable organisations to reward employees for completing training programmes.
  • Businesses can easily track learner progress, analyse data, and generate customizable reports with Unlock Learn.
  • Using the built-in messaging tools, administrators can assess learner progress and provide tips, hints, information, references, and candid feedback.

Final Words

Unlock Learn is built with cutting-edge LMS technology and is endowed to provide a broad range of company benefits. It enables companies to provide a better training experience by personalising learning journeys, closing skill gaps, and optimising learning uptake.

Web App: Unlock Learn