Listening to your favourite songs on your phone is always a great experience. I am fond of listening to soft tunes when I go to bed. It relaxes my mind more than anything and helps me to get a good sleep quickly. But the limited storage on your phone is always irritating. Even if you have a high end Android device, you still have around 11GB of free internal space and you have to fit HD games, movies and songs, all at one place. You can use external SD card, but it generally slows down your phone which adds to further irritation. Also, wouldn’t it be amazing if you could listen to all those songs on speakers while having full control from your phone itself? Suppose you’re enjoying your weekend holidays in your room and the room is filled with a beautiful sound. But suddenly the next song is annoying one and you want to change that. You getting what I’m saying! If yes, then it’s your turn to turn the tables.

ShareOn Audio is the latest Android app that has been developed by Spika. The app is compatible with all the Android devices running Android 2.3 or later version of the OS.

ShareOn Audio enables you to take full control of your PC remotely over Wi-Fi. But first, you have to install the PC version of ShareOn Audio and then share all the folders that you want to access using your phone. Once shared, you can see all those folders in the app. So you can either select a song from the folders or you can check the all songs list and start listening. Also, you can share your iTunes library as well which gives you access to all those songs as well. And don’t worry about converting those songs back to a particular format as any format that is compatible with Android, will run as smoothly as a flowing river.

If there is more than one device available to connect, you can switch between them anytime and you don’t need to synchronize with them every time. Once the settings are placed, you’ll automatically be connected. So if you have four songs in four different systems, don’t worry as ShareOn Audio has it all under control.

Now, another advanced feature of ShareOn Audio is the support for DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) which allows you to connect to any DLNA supported device such as speakers or TV and play your songs on that external device. Most of the upcoming devices nowadays are DLNA supported. So it’s a very handy feature to try your hands on.


The music player has all the controls on the menu and you don’t have to go to settings each time to connect to a different device. The mini-player gives you full space for multi-tasking as well.

Overall, with a free-price tag, ShareOn Audio is all what you need. It has got some exciting features such as DLNA support and full remote control over your system. I don’t think there’s anything missing from this package.

Pros: full remote control over multiple devices; DLNA support; share iTunes library; multi-tasking; free.

Cons: none.