Have you ever wanted to know about the information that lies behind the product that you are buying into? This barcode scanner app can do just that, and can help identify a wide range of different forms of information that can then be saved onto your mobile device. Many products contain barcodes which have a wide range of information stored. From reviews to prices on related products, as well as contact Info and important URLs.

This is a great app for individuals who wish to explore the world of products that can be purchased and the information that is stored on the barcode within these products. All the information that is extracted from a barcode can then be stored on the app within a mobile device and can be retrieved at a later date.


This will be a useful tool when comparing prices of products, so as to find the cheapest option. It will also be a handy way of carrying out market research and the ability of being able to save it on the mobile device for analysis at a later date makes it very handy.