I was tired of relying on my own memory to track my period and so I was on a mission to find a app to help me in my plight. I was delighted when I stumbled upon this very cool and reliable app. Period Calendar is quite versatile and easy to use. Not only does it ensure that you never forget the due date of your period and save you from monthly surprises, but it also tracks any moods and symptoms that you may experience prior to and throughout your period.

It features cool and interesting icons for symptoms that I wasn’t even aware existed. The moods emoticons are also cute and funny. Because period tracker tracks your moods and symptoms, you can show it as proof for any erratic behavior that you inadvertently display to your partner or friends.


The predictions are quite accurate which means you can make plans regarding outings and special occasions way in advance. Probably one of the best features of this app is the birth control settings, so you’ll never forget to take your pill. In addition, if you are trying to get pregnant, this app is a great companion. It tracks your ovulation and notifies you of your most fertile days.
Ever been dumbfounded when your doctor asks you any health information? With this app there’s no need to scratch your head when your doctor asks you information regarding your period. Period tracker stores all the pertinent information you need.
If you are looking for a personal assistant to keep on track with your period, period calendar is the very best choice. In fact, it is rated number 1 in health & fitness section. This app is not only a great option for adults but teenagers will also be fascinated by the very cool features that it boasts. The period Calendar is like your best friend/secretary without a price tag.