What comes to your mind when you think of dating? Well, we have so many questions and all of these are concerned about our safety. Well, be it dating live or dating through mobile phones/tabs we are always concerned about finding the right person. The first and foremost priority is safety. When you date someone you know already, you have no fear. One app that simplifies the process by fixing dates with your contacts and helping find the best one out of them is Am I Loved. 

Am I Loved belongs to the dating category in the Play Store and I find it very nice for use. The app does ask for your name and language of choice. Later, it sends the contacts you have chosen a notification. Once they are ok with it, they will be able to make confirmation for a date with you. The app gives you choices like the date and time with which you want them to confirm and also the number of confirmations you would like to receive. 

Once you reach the target, you can start dating with them. It takes about 4 hours to notify a contact in order to ensure that your selection is permanent. Am I Loved helps you refine your choices and it makes the herculean task of finding a partner an easier one. It helps you find the motto behind every person. The app gives you the name and the number of the contact once it is confirmed. You can see if they are really liking you or just selfish by any means. 

The app helps you appreciate people the way they actually are. If you are not comfortable with the person, you get a lesson for life. Am I Loved comes with a wide range of options to ensure your safety. You will not have any disturbance when you use the app, as it is designed with a user friendly interface. It would be one perfect choice when you need to find the company for lifetime. You can share life stories with them and be amazed to know more about the person you thought to be different before. 

Am I Loved is compatible with Android 5.0 or later versions. It is suitable only for adults and the app displays ads. You can contact the developer of the app in case you have any queries or there is some need to report an abusive content by mailing to [email protected].

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