Battle Maps game developed by Think New Mobile has become popular. Each time a new exciting game hits the market, it automatically becomes a favourite with the players. These games are qualitative and make the players to keep going. It greatly ameliorates their responsiveness and their concentration power.

These games are special and there is always a factor that makes the game wholly entertaining. Special games like these brings users enjoy more and begin a new trend. The users are continuously in search of something to try out. You could find many such games that enter the global market every day. A very interesting game among these is the Battle Maps developed by Think New Mobile.

Battle Maps is a location based “King of the Hill” map conquest game. The users can generate and level fighters to claim territory. You can protect your territories from others in battles.

Important Features of Battle Maps

  • Scan Bar codes to get new fighters
  • Level them up and fight friends
  • Try to claim the most map spaces
  • Fight to retain your control
  • Entertaining

Key Characteristics of Battle Maps game app

  • Simplicity & Stunning graphics
  • Amazing & Engaging gameplay
  • Fast loading time & Good Performance
  • Compatibility & Compactness
  • Visually appealing
  • Simple and user friendly UI/UX
  • High quality graphics and game play

How the app works:

Download and install the Battle Maps mobile app on your smartphone or other similar devices. Now launch the game on your device and start playing.


I’ve spent some time with Battle Maps developed by Think New Mobile and so far I have to surely admit that I’m far satisfied from by this nice accolade of gem. For the developer’s successful release on the App Store, I trust that they did a splendid job with gameplay features.