What are you doing during these times of social distancing? I think it has become even more challenging for every individual nowadays to stay socially connected. No one knows when this situation is going to be stopped. But, all we can do is to utilize this time and don’t waste it. Apart from doing work from home, and just sleeping you can do a lot of activities and live your routine life just as you used to do before! For example- social events, sports activities, dance, teaching, learning, etc. Well, these activities cannot be performed alone, until you get proper guidance. So keeping this in mind, an app has been designed which will host events virtually and you can participate instantly. The app is none other than Toodls, which has been offered by Ma Globe, Inc. It has been compatible with iOS as well as Android devices.

Toodls is a go-to-app to find, host and organize your social life, whether it is online life events or in person interaction. It’s a safe and secure app to use where you can securely create and share events with your family as well as friends in a private group setting or with others who may have a common interest using Public Groups. When you sign up on the app there is no need to disclose your personal information such as phone number, email, social media profile, etc.

With Toodls, you can find activities and events in multiple categories. The users can host these events and all the users can connect with these hosts and participate in various activities. Toodls is a brilliant app for those who are looking for a platform where then can socialize and follow social distancing at the same time! All you need is a good Internet connection and you can easily interact with the people. The app runs smoothly and it doesn’t interrupt you nor shows advertisements or sell your data to any other company. Your personal information is safe with it, only you have the right to share it with anybody.

How does the app work?

  • First, you need to sign up on the app and then proceed.
  • You can search for events and activities in different categories such as live music, sporting events, dining, health, personal care, family, events, business, careers, education, religion, spirituality, support groups, travel, volunteering and others. You can find the distance from your location and find events and activities using particular keywords.
  • You have the right to control your event if you are the host and have so many options to manage who you want to join your event.
  • As a host you can organise an online virtual event, a private event or a public event.
  • Once the event is organised you can set up to allow the host to approve participants.
  • If you are a participant, you can find an event of your choice and join events very quickly.
  • You can also add your guests and invite your family/ friends to join specific events.

The app is available for free on the Google app store as well as the iTunes Store. Don’t miss this opportunity and grab it now!

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