Best Android apps for kids

If we talk about 90’s kids, we have to spend time to play sports or any other physical activity. But nowadays if we talk about any era of technology, everyone holding smart phones in their hands. No age is matter for it. Kids have been also attracted by this technology. They also want smart phones all the time in their hand too. And what they like to do with it is playing games every time or watching videos on youtube.

It impacts very badly on physical health. My own nephew got very low eyesight. So I installed some apps for him on my Android phone and deleted all those games that he has been addicted with.

1. ABC Kids – Tracing & Phonics

As our child is growing, our first aim is to make him/her a well educated person. What if we start his/her training from the beginning. The ABC kids application do it for you. It teaches a kid that how to write the alphabet, how to pronounce it. The app developers added some pictures to make a good visual representation. It will make a kid interest to be focused on mobile screen.

This application is good for kid under  5. Also, this app is good for any disable children who would not go to school at the early age. This app has good rating on play store and it could be easily install at any android phone.

2. Moose Math

Math is an important subject for all of us. Agree? If we start practice of our under 5 year old kid, he shall be strong and bold mind when he come in to the first standard. Moose Math is an android app designed for kids to learn some basics math rules and steps. There are some visual character with story, which will teach them. This app is good for maximum 6 year old kid having the size of 50Mb. Instead of you give you kid phone for watching cartoon, install this types of applications for your kid. It will also increase their learning power.

3. Kids Doodle

Do you know your kid is an artist? No! Everybody won’t know what skills in him/her at the age of 5 or under 5. Its depend on you, what type of information you are feeding to your kid at his/her growing stage. Kids doodle is one of the application that find out the inner creativity of your kid. With this app your kid make the sketch with his finger and this will make the interest to become an artist. You must show some gadgets to him/her to draw it on the app. 

4. Starfall Learn To Read

There is a website name Starfall. Now you can get this site on your mobile phone using the app. As we know mobile applications are easy to use and faster than the website. This app has the same idea which is to teach kids how to pronounce vowels. They show some stories, pictures, videos and games to train the kids. Your child will learn all the rules of writing and using the vowels in the English language. 

5. Toca Hair Salon 2 – Free Version

This app is specially developed for girls under 8 year old. In Toca hair salon 2 app she can create their own characters and dolls by making their stylish hairs and face. Their is a makup kit provided for girls. It includes hair straightner, curling iron, comb etc is available. Your girl will love this app and will be a lots of fun.


Here I have shown some educating related android apps which is best for your kid. The reason of showing these apps are I mentioned in introduction. The main point is if you kid uses smart phone for games or watching cartoons it will impact on his/her physical health. So I have share with you best android apps for kids. It will sharp their mind, educate them, and also increase their learning skills.