It’s apt time to examine some of the latest Technique that improves your Marketing campaign. After all, it’s a constant challenge for modern firms to stay on top of their digital efforts in a data-driven, purely customer-focused and increasingly intelligent globe.

Here is some of the latest Technique that improves your Marketing campaign you should be aware of.

The pure demand for video on demand

Whether it’s on your app, your website pages, or even your social media feed – video is everywhere. It is a superlative digital Marketing campaign for anyone who wants to capture the attention of a wider audience.

  • Facebook users consume around 10 billion videos each day
  • YouTube viewers watch around a billion hours of video every day
  • 82% of Twitter users watch video when browsing social media

Also there are numerous formats you can try out, from live streams taken with a phone camera, to professionally produced videos that absolutely welcome people to your homepage and app page.

AI and behavioural marketing

In situations the more data you collect from your marketing campaigns, the more you can professionally tailor your strategies to suit your target global audience. In 2019 the impact of artificial intelligence is wholly joining the team. Appreciation to machine learning algorithms in today’s digital platforms, you can exactly predict what your customers want to see. This means that you can easily find and develop the best marketing content, ameliorate the way you serve your audience, and even adjust the channels you use according to customer details.

Effectively dialling into mobile marketing

Currently we’re sincerely beginning to realise that mobile is more crucial than we ever imagined. Amazingly 52.2% of all worldwide online traffic came from mobile phones this year. Moreover people are watching videos on their smartphones more than ever, with an annual growth of 88%. Also when it comes to customer referrals, 89% of people are more likely to suggest a brand after a good mobile experience.

Latest Strategy of Storytelling

It was first, Instagram developed their “Instagram Stories” service; and then popular YouTube released a stories format of their own with “Reels.” Now social media is providing new global opportunities for brands to capture the best moments of their day and utilize them to show customers what they stand for.

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