Though getting your app discovered isn’t simple and your app no doubt has good competition with one question coming across of did your app get audience reach? So how exactly do you get discovered by your audience? People definitely download your app in a heartbeat and if only you could get it in front of them.

Here we’re highlighting best ways to boost your app’s discover ability and unite you with your perfect users

App Store Optimization

It is the most vital element to getting your app discovered. Similar to SEO, ASO is optimizing your App Store listing for organic discover ability through optimization.

Follow Checklist of all the important elements of ASO:

  • Having Unique app name
  • Possessing relevant keywords and description of app
  • Go for Proper categorization
  • Effective Screenshots or video with a high-level overview of your app
  • Crisp detailed description that is continually updated with app update information and release notes

Actively Take Advantage of 3rd Party Advertisers

It is enumerated that Google, Twitter, and Facebook are major contenders worth considering, with Facebook boasting some highly advanced audience selection tools.

With Facebook, you can select targeting options including:

  • Mobile users with specific screen sizes or devices
  • New mobile device owners
  • Interests (hiking, guitar, animals, etc)
  • Age
  • Demographics

Try to Get the Word Out By Running a Contest

It is simple of running a contest which is still one of the top ways to get the word out about your app. You can also announce a contest that involves giving away a certain number of users your app for free. If your app is free to download, consider opting away premium memberships or in-app currency.

Professionally Team Up With Bloggers in Your Niche

It is always help in actively partnering with industry bloggers to get noticed. The more specific your niche is the best your chances are of getting hooked up with your ideal audience by way of quality bloggers. For instance, sports streaming app might have a tough time implementing this, as trying to reach out to any blog that discusses sports would be a pretty large endeavour.

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