A few years ago, no one knew that you could get to read you Bible through the phone or the computer but with time today, we see the possibility of having a Bible with you all the time. The Bible has been related to high religions value to Christians just like the Quran is to Muslims. According to Christians, the Bible is a book of life written by the hand-inspiration of God himself. It contains Gods words to Man to help him live right in a religious faith. It also contains the history of the world, as we know it, from its creation to the predicted end of the world. The Bible forms a core part of the Christian religion and everything is centered in it.

In the early days or the past decade, the Bible was scarce and quite hard to get one in a few part of the world where Christianity was the dominant faith. The trend went on until the 21st century where the technological age has made a huge footprint on the world. Technology has changed the way we live, think, work, communicate, associate, worship, and generally has change our lifestyles at large.

One significant change that technology has granted us is the use of smart mobile phones and computers to access and share information around the world through internet. It is through these technologies that we are now able to transform most information into application programs where you can promptly access the information on a daily basis. This application program technique has enabled the Bible to be digitally designed and accessed on computer or mobile devices. Today there are more than 130 million devices around the world with people reading listening, watching and sharing the Bible from The android Bible App.


The Bible app comes in different version, and languages all absolutely free. It is no different that the ordinary hard copy Bible, where you can make Bible note, or highlight a Bible verse, or place a bookmark after reading to mark where you reached. The Bible app has all this features right on the device one is accessing it. Hard copies Bible with no doubt had a personal attachment, but the Bible apps come as good as that with all the flexibility to make it feel personal.

The Bible app takes a step higher to enable one to share a verse to friends and family or even strangers. This can be done online when different people are on the Bible app at the same time they can read the same verses together, use the same reading plan. Some people prefer to listen than read and with this Bible app, one has the choice of selecting an audio Bible which enables one to listen while going on with other duties. It enables one to read in their own language, and select from the best version that is understandable. The app also comes with an offline and online preference meaning you can access it when online or offline. In actual sense with the Bible app, it become more easy and interesting to read or listen to the Bible at least once a day and that mean a closer relationship with God.