Helicopter Air Fighting (iPhone/iPad) or Heli Air Fighting (Android) is an endless helicopter fighting game. An airborne helicopter fights off the incoming helicopters by the endless bullets and additionally by missiles. This game is developed by Thien Tran Vu and published by Android Star Games.

The game was initially released for the iOS platform and later on for the android platform. The iOS platform has an older 1.0 version whereas the android platform has the updated 1.3 version of the game.

Android Star Games has also released a few other games such as Hunt Wolf, Kill Zombies All, Muscle Car Rally and so on.

There are no in-app purchases available in this game.


This is a single player game. In helicopter air fighting, the player can choose between three helicopters, red, green and yellow. Each helicopter has different rates of health and damage they can cause. After choosing a helicopter the player starts the game. The objective of the game is to fight off the incoming helicopters. It can be done using the endless bullets or missiles that the player gets during the gameplay. Helicopter is also given an extra life if it gets shot down by the enemies.

This is an endless game and does not comprise of levels. As we move on through the game by shooting the enemy helicopters, the player gets more and more points. The player will always keep moving forward in the game. Adding variety to the game, you are also entitled to numerous powerups along the game that can be collected to improve the score. It includes shields (protects the helicopter from enemy attacks for a few seconds), rapid gun fires (shots are fired much faster for a few seconds), extra lives and missiles.

The navigation keys are provided in the left side of the game screen and bullet and missile launching buttons are provided in the right which makes it easy to play.


Simple graphics are used throughout the game without any noticeable hitches. A grassy area with buildings and trees are used as the background which is colorful and bright. The deafening drill of helicopter’s engine and the sounds of shooting and helicopters getting destroyed give a realistic touch to the game. Its easy to understand the game. So it is suitable for any age levels.


Ads pop out now and then, which upon clicking takes us to the app store and thus interrupting the game.

There is no exit button in the game which will take us back to the mobile home screen.


Final Verdict

It It can be played in short bursts at any time without much introduction. An interesting and effortless game. It makes us want to beat our own high score. So those who are out there who try to outgrow themselves can definitely give this a try.

If you enjoy shooting games and other combat games, this is the perfect game for you.
You will find yourself whirling through the skies across intense crossfire. It understands what people love about the genre, and it provides just about everything one could ask for.