Have you ever sent gift cards to your loved ones? Yes, we all might have sent them. Most of the time, these gift cards go unattended or lost. It is really frustrating to see when all the efforts we make go wasted. How about there is a unique means to gift our friends and family thereby making sure they use the gift. Sounds good, right?

Yes, GiftYa is an app that belongs to the shopping category and it allows users to send personalized gifts to their beloveds. The app allows users to connect virtually with any merchant in the U.S. It can be any kind of business; you can connect with them and send a gift card to your loved ones. When the recipient of your gift buys with the merchant you choose, they will be able to spend the amount you sent to them via GiftYa.

GiftYa is a completely innovative concept and it allows users to give a meaningful gift – a gift that can never be lost, stolen or forgotten. The app can be used widely across the different merchants in the U.S; it can be a coffee shop, a departmental store or a restaurant. Using this, you can make your loved ones get personalized gifts and let them gather a unique experience. It is being trusted by many individuals, businesses and organizations as the most secured and trusted way to give.

The usual gift cards go unattended or get used by others. With GiftYa, I am able to see immediately if my friend has used the gift or not. It is all the ‘thought that counts’, as goes the tagline of the company. When you send a gift, you can add a message or even a photo or a video to convey whatever it is that you want to say. Users can add a wrapper to the gift they send. There is an option to schedule when the gift has to be sent and you can also choose to send the gift immediately. Once the recipient receives a GiftYa, all that they must do is to link it with their own credit or debit card and that’s it, they can make a purchase until the GiftYa is used in full.

It can be downloaded for free on all iOS and Android devices. Given by the seller GiftYa, LLC, the app is available only in English and is rated 4+. It is completely free to receive and use a GiftYa. You must pay only when you choose to buy one.

The app is highly convenient for use with regular updates and great support. Go on! Say goodbye to the old, boring, slow, impersonal and waste gifts. Use GiftYa this instant and send gifts to your kith and kin anywhere across the country.

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