What colors look good on you? Have you ever realised when you see yourself in the mirror?

Does black, brown or white color suit you? Some people wear clothes of their choice while some people wear according to the opinions of other people in their family. What’s your opinion while choosing a color? It can be anything such as your clothes, hairs, eye color, shoes, etc. If you’re a woman, I’m sure you ask others about what to wear for an occasion or any other event. But, I’m different from others. I usually wear what I love! I may ask people about how I’m looking, but listen to my heart only! One more thing that I do is to take help from an amazing app which helps me to decide what I should wear! Yes, Show My Colors is a brilliant solution which has been developed by

Peter Kulisek. It requires the latest version of the OS in your Android Smartphone.

This app helps you find your best colours considering the fashion trends as well. Colors are of different types, it can be saturated, soft, warm, neutral or cold, dark or light. There are different kinds of people living on the Earth. Every individual has different characteristics with different skin tone, hair color and eye color. That’s why not all the colors are made for you! Some colors suit you the best, while some colors are meant for others! You should wear only that color which looks good on you and change yourself according to that.

With Show my colors app, you can decide very easily and quickly what you should wear! To begin with the app, you need to install it and open it first. At the very beginning, there will be some questions about your skin tone, hair color, eye color, etc. The questions are having some options that vary from 3-7. For example-

  • Which color is most like your natural color?
  • Which color is most like your natural hair color?
  • Which color is most like your eye color?

These above questions are asked in this season analysis quiz on the app and when you submit all of your answers, you can see the result instantly. You will get the color type of your skin such as deep winter, deep autumn, etc. You will see a picture that may resemble you if you have correctly answered the questions! You can see the hue, value, chroma and type of your skin! You will see your best colors, the jewellery that will look good on you and a few tips as well! This app is compatible with the 12 seasons color system. Your base pallete, your color map, combinations, fashion color trends during spring; winter and summer will be displayed! These advanced features can be availed in the in-app purchases.

So, color analysis and pallete app- Show my colors help you with shopping clothes, jewellery and various other things with confidence. Always be inspired by your true and best colors and have a wardrobe filled with the clothes and accessories that really suits you! Pick up the clothes with confidence by using this awesome app! It’s highly recommended for those who always get late in deciding what should they wear!

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