There is a new way of business for all freelancers and clients. Things are becoming easier, especially if you handle a lot of work on everyday basis. We all need something more practical and BidQuote offers that possibility. What is so special about this app? It is innovative, easy to use and reliable. All these characteristics are crucial in today’s business environments where time management matters. Most of us want to keep track of all payments all the time. Therefore, we need an app for that purpose. BidQuote is ideal when it comes to payment tracking and this is not the only advantage. Many other things are easier with this app.

Simple notifications

It is all about tracking in this app where managing of projects is getting a new level. Project tracking with BidQuote is secured with very simple system. Bid revisions are on the fingertips every time you need them. Payment confirmations are also followed with notifications, so you do not have to check your mail every single time you want to know earnings. BidQuote provides fast project payments in very simple notifications that are available to you. The similar situation is with bid alerts and the following features. Now, each user can find out when clients are opening bids, because the fast notification is there. There is no need to check it every second. All you need to do is doing other stuff while waiting for clients to open the bids. When that happens, the notification is coming through email, so you can check it in real time.


Easier handling

Have you ever caught yourself sitting among the tons of papers and checking all important facts? You were in that situation at least once in a lifetime. Keeping track of all payments, projects and bids is different with BidQuote. The app gives you approach to simple sheets that collect all details about your work. Now, you know what bids are open, what are the clients’ requirements and many more things. Collecting paychecks is also better, because of app features. One of the most important details about the app is definitely Future Income Tracking where you can see all possible incomes from the projects. The process is easy to navigate and accuracy is guaranteed. Each user can plan the future with knowledge about expected payments. This is a huge help in everyday planning.

If we summarize all advantages of BidQuote, a lot of positive sides are coming to light. As a user, you get easier approach to bids and clients. At the same time, payments are clear, so you can control them whenever you want. All notifications are coming in email and you are informed about important information. We can say that BidQuote brings a new interface with easier navigation than any similar app. You can finally enjoy all the things you need in handling business on a daily basis. Bids notifications are there. Clients are there. One more thing is there. Prompt payments. You get everything you can expect from the business app that connects clients and freelances in the best possible way.

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