The art of expressing one’s imagination can be well presented through coloring. With the aid of the essential coloring tools, an individual can turn a sketch into an amazing masterpiece. This has always great pleasure and proves how a person can enter into the world of possibilities. Meanwhile, getting a well-designed app can make the process faster, efficient and fun. This is why JoyCastle designed the top-notch Colorfly app to make coloring exciting and worth trying out. 

The app has integrated numerous pages where the user can apply different colorful palettes on the detailed illustrations to create fantastic fine art. So far, this app has received a 4+ star rating with honest users acclaiming its relaxing nature, quality graphics and user-friendly. With Colorfly, it is all about letting the anxiety to fade away and get into the art of coloring!

How the Colorfly app operates

After installing this app, the user is introduced to numerous beautiful pages that are worth coloring. The app comes along with unique and gorgeous palettes and illustrations. The user can use the imaginative skills and come up with creative means to transform the illustration into fine piece of art. Interestingly, the entire process is quite simple (tapping and picking colors) and relaxing thus the user can always give the best out of it. 

Besides, the user is allowed to handpick and customize different colorful palettes and combine them to get the best desired masterpiece. During coloring, the app also supports zooming features thus making the user to have a clear view of the illustration. Well-designed and completed coloring can be saved and shared with friends for a great experience.


Due to the high quality formation of the app, it is currently well-compatible with devices such as iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. They have proven to have great capability to deliver expected performance. On the other hand, iOS 6.0 or any later version can also be adopted.

There are distinct features that one will come across in this Colorfly app. They include the following:

Create unique masterpiece

With Colorfly app, it is all about creativity. The user is offered a unique opportunity to put imagination into reality. Interestingly, this can be achieved through tapping and picking different paints and palettes to color. The app also offers a relaxing and user-friendly atmosphere to ensure that every detailed illustration has been properly transformed into a masterpiece.

Handpick favorite palettes for customization

Great coloring performance can be perfectly achieved if there is the option of customizing some features. Colorfly app has considered that aspect by introducing a wide range of personalized color palettes. The user is offered the option of handpicking the favorite ones that can match with the desired expectations. This in turn brings great satisfaction upon completing the coloring.


Gets lots of beautiful pages

In need of many coloring pages? No need to worry at all. Colorfly app has integrated gorgeous pages that one can effectively use them in coloring. They come along with detailed illustration and in a great platform to ensure that the coloring process is well-performed. Apparently, the user can also sort for new and highly defined pages from the Online Galleries through downloading them.

Save the artwork for reference

A chance to revisit the piece of art that was exceptionally created sounds interesting. With Colorfly app, it becomes quite easy to save the masterpiece once it has been created. Interestingly, different versions of art designed can be well-accommodated in the phone’s storage (gallery) in a quick and efficient way. There will always be a chance to revisit the piece of art and feel great sense of achievement.

Easy sharing 

Upon completing the coloring process, the outcome could be phenomenal and absolutely worth sharing. This process cannot be easy if there is no effective platform. Colorfly app has taken this factor into account to ensure that the user can instantly share the art created using the available social sites. Whether it is through Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, sharing has been made quite efficient!

There are some of the Pros and Cons that have been identified in this app:


· Great user interface for coloring

· Pretty easy to pick and apply colors

· Great piece of art created

· Lots of fantastic pages and illustrations

· Highly customized to boost performance


· Doesn’t automatically save latest colors used

· Coloring small spaces can be challenging


A great painting experience awaits ardent artists and individuals with the use of Colorfly app. It all starts by tapping and picking the paints and color palettes and applying them on illustrations to create masterpiece. The entire process with this app is fun, engaging and relaxing. With the use of imaginative skills, one can become a great artist by creating great piece of work worth sharing. The app is currently available for free on the App Store. Users can also get premium options to enjoy upgraded features available. Don’t miss out!