Ten Amazing changes in App Development that make our lives easy

Mobile apps have made a huge difference to our lives, particularly over the last couple of years. We now no longer go out shopping, we learn on our mobiles, we work in and on our mobile, and we travel with the help of mobile and even get entertained on our mobile. Mobile apps are influencing our life much more than anything else. Literally, the world is at our fingertips with the various mobile apps. Let us quickly check some major changes in App Development that has come up in the recent years.

1. Security – Mobile data has become more secure now with the app developers adopting more security options to accommodate mobile banking and payments.

2. Feedback & Rating – The Apps can be reviewed which makes it easier to market. Positive and negative feedbacks can be provided which are visible to the connected users who use these reviews to download the app.

3. Easy to download and install – App downloads and installation has become easier with better technologies.

4. On Cloud – Data can be stored on the cloud and accessed from the cloud which makes your mobile lighter and data more accessible.

5. Gears and Gadgets – Wearable gears and gadgets are available now which can be paired with your mobiles. The App developers now have to accommodate for this big change.


6. Internet of Things – Mobile devices and apps are used to communicate with the smart devices at home and office. The most trending IoT has revolutionized the way you use your mobile apps.

7. Data Analytics – Mobile apps can now access the user details much like the cookies used in browsers. This enables the app to personalize the data based on the analytics done with the personal details.

8. Cross Platform development – Most of the users now prefer cross-platform apps which they can use from their multiple devices.

9. Independent Developers coming up with useful apps – In the recent years, individual mobile developers are able to create and put their app on the app stores which form a huge collection of useful utility apps by these App developers. Sometimes the big players buy the popular apps which motivate more people to come up with useful apps.

10. Educational Apps – This is a recent trend coming up in many places. Educational apps are on their way to revolutionizing how children learn. Interactive sessions are made available on the mobiles which the students can access from anywhere and succeed in their quest for knowledge.