It is a time converter for running that converts times to various race distances. They have a tool that uses Machine Learning to evaluate the quality of running shoes. Fast and Fit assists you in analyzing your race performance and staying injury-free by ensuring you have high-quality running shoes.

The Running Time Converter forecasts race times ranging from 600m to 10k. The Machine Learning Tool analyses images to assess the quality of your running shoes and identify any issues. Learn about various forms of troubles and injuries.

About the App

Fast And Fit is a free app for runners on the App Store. It has a race time prediction feature converts race times from 600m to 10k. The app has aspects for determining the quality of running shoes. It has a unique shoe analysis feature in which the user uploads a picture of the sole of a running shoe. They use machine learning to identify the shoe’s quality and any problems such as overpronation or over-supination based on the pattern of the shoe’s wear.

This is the first app that evaluates running shoes using machine learning and is suitable for all levels of runners. The shoe analysis feature benefits your blog’s readers by providing a free, simple resource for identifying problems that can lead to injuries, such as shin splints, plantar fasciitis, etc.

It includes details for users to learn about various running form issues and injuries. It also consists of a shoe survey that asks questions about training and running sensations to determine the quality of running shoes. Users’ data is not shared or collected by the app.

Fast And Fit is the first app that uses machine learning to analyze running shoes, making it more suitable for runners of all levels. The shoe feature is the best tool among running apps for identifying potential injuries and learning how to prevent them. The developer could apply machine learning to passion for running and solve a common problem in the running community.

Final Thoughts

We strongly recommend Fast and Fit – Shoes and Tips, developed by Renju Thomas; if you are looking for distinctive and unique features, you will enjoy what this app offers.