The biggest barrier for most businesses around the world is time management. Using appointment scheduling software to get your work schedule in order can save you time, money, reduce hassle, and increase the level of convenience and satisfaction for your customers. Let’s assume John runs a massage therapy business, and everyday clients call in to schedule appointments the old fashioned way. A lot of times John cannot get to the phone since he’s working, when he does use the phone and calls back, he gets client’s answering machine and leaves a message to call him back. Will clients call back? Or did they find new place which uses online scheduling software called booksteam?

BookSteam Cloud App Getting Started

The application has a user friendly interface and it is super easy and simple to get started with. When business signs up with BookSteam they will go through an easy process to setup location details, set working hours, add services and staff member(s). BookSteam will than provide free business listing page from which your clients will schedule their appointments. You can even integrate scheduling widget with your existing website. One of the unique advantages of this app is the ability to manage the schedule in the cloud which creates accessibility & flexibility for everyone (business administrators & customers).

Client Scheduling Process

Now, clients load your online scheduling link with all of the information at their fingertips. With a few clicks of the mouse clients select business Location (you can have multiple locations), service/staff member, time/date, hit Confirm and VOLA, appointment has been booked, it’s that simple. Clients can easily log in into their personal BookSteam account to manage booked appointments, any time, 24/7. Remember that old fashioned phone tagging way, what do you think now? Exactly, I know! 🙂


Email and SMS notifications can be automatically sent when client books an appointment. With BookSteam, email/SMS reminders will reduce the number of people who do not show up, there will no longer be an excuse (I’m sure you have a few clients like that right now).

Accept Online Payments

Automate and scale booking process by connecting your account with online payments gateway inside your BookSteam account. By enabling online payments you can drastically eliminate no-shows as clients would have to put their credit card in at the time of booking (and nobody wants to lose money). You can also charge clients a partial deposit or full amount when they book online.

Third party personal calendar synchronization

The application has an automatic calendar Sync feature for one or multiple staff members. Each staff member can sync their BookSteam schedule with their personal calendar such as iCal, Outlook or Google cal. Whenever client book an appointment online or staff members adds it manually, automatic Sync will transfer your BookSteam appointment data to your personal calendar. This is very convenient for the businesses that are always on-the-go.


We really like this smart online appointment scheduling software, it was super easy to use, everything organized in a logical way and it’s packed with a lot of useful features. BookSteam is used by many companies worldwide in various industries, starting from piano lessons and ending with multi-level wellness centers. If you’re a business that takes appointments this software is a must for you. Give it a try today with a 30 day free trial!