There are very many iTunes applications that you can download them into your android iPhone phone. One of their greatest inventions is the AirTalk application which is one of the best applications you can download for it has many unique features. This mobile app allows you to communicate with those people who are in your vicinity. It is an application that comes with its new and fun features that will keep you using it as a source of mobile entertainment. The main aim for its invention was to facilitate and boost the location-based communication which has seen it become very beneficial to business persons. The application is also quite safe to use in various sectors such as the sales and information and sales setting. The following are some of the features you will get to find them in AirTalk app.

1.Communication in 100m radius.

One of the unique features you will learn about the new AirTalk android app, is that you can send messages to those individuals who are within your basement in 100m radius. This is one of the simplest ways you can send your messages for fast and secure delivery. However, you are in a position to receive any message from anybody using this app in 100m radius. This has helped business persons communicate easily and in a more secure manner for their businesses.

  1. No internet or data connection needed.

Doesn’t that sound superb for your phone? AirTalk is that application that will not be costly to you in terms of internet and data requirements. You can easily operate the app without any connection of the internet. It is very important to have this app in areas that don’t have the accessibility of the internet or those situations you will be travelling. Download this app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod if you have limited plans of data. This has proven that it’s an application that is quite economical and it will worth it when you download it.

  1. Integrated profile builder.

If you would like to create a unique and a more integrated profile, consider downloading AirTalk. The app is among the best profile builders in your Android phone and by just having the app you will enjoy that opportunity.

  1. Twitter Integration.

For those lovers of twitter, this app is the one you should go with. It will help you access your twitter friends and allow you to simply communicate with them through sharing of messages. AirTalk has also the capability of helping other Twitter followers and local users of AirTalk to share their messages with you. This application has really changed the face of Twitter and has attracted many followers to use Twitter in conjunction with this app.


AirTalk application can be downloaded at iPod touch(fifth generation or greater), iPad(a third generation or greater) or on the iPhone 4S or greater. The application is mainly limited to the above Android phones and thus you will not be in a position to download it on your different Android phone. If you own an iPad mini which is running iOS 7, you can also download AirTalk. Make an attempt of downloading this application on your Android phone so that you don’t miss out the tremendous and beneficial features it offers.