Most of us that drive cars dream of plowing through traffic as fast as we possibly can to get to our destination. Of course it’s not legal, we do have to follow traffic rules and regulations. But that’s just real life. When you play the game Traffic Racer, all bets are off.

This is not just a cool game with mind blowing art work. No it’s so much more than that. This android version of the game can be played on any tablet or android device turning your unit into the controller. Turn and tilt your phone or tablet to control your car as you race through different types of traffic from regular cars, buses, trucks and SUV’s. It is such an addictive game that you won’t want to put it down.


So besides some great graphics and control what could possibly make a game of driving through traffic so fun and enjoyable. How about purchasing new cars and upgrading them along the way. Earn cash as you speed your way to your goal and use it to upgrade your vehicle or just buy a new one as you unlock them. Unlock new tracks so your are driving in the big city, the desert, in the snow or at night. The 3D graphics will keep playing until your battery dies.

There are four different modes of game play to keep you hooked, making it worthy of your space and time. They consist of Endless, Two-Way, Free Ride, and Time Trial. Post your scores online and play against friends to see who has the fastest time when you race Traffic Racer.