Diverse gaming applications have been developed but the ease of play is significant. Bus Simulator 17 is a unique app that enables users to experience traffic jam reality and unlock new buses. The game provides realistic environments, comprehensively elaborated buses with multifaceted interiors which gives the experience of driving a real bus.

It is an upgrade from the previous version with bug-fixing add-ons. Aside from completing all the routes, the game gives an opportunity to create your own personalized routes Also, a new map has been added which is the City of God-Rio De Janeiro.

The Bus Simulator 17 is ideal for people of all ages and its content is not prohibitive. The download and install procedure is very straightforward.


User Experience

Bus Simulator 17 is compatible with OS versions 4.1 and up. The game supports 9 different languages. Upon installing, it automatically detects the default language and integrates.

Well articulated, double-decker, London and school buses have been added giving this app a notch above the rest. The bus controls is either through the use of buttons or steering wheel.

Bus Simulator 17 has game-play possibilities such as free ride mode and multiplayer mode which enables one to challenge friends online. Also, modes like personal career and company management are available.

It is easy to customize your bus with new wheels, colors and suspensions at the bus editor section. Driving manuals have been provided including transmissions with automatic or manual options.

The graphics are HD, superbly clear with people animations. The world is represented in 3D with villages, motorways and more.

User Interface

· Realistic cities split into different zones such as Countryside, Industrial, Suburban and CBD.

· Driving experiences in the highway, desert and mountain areas.

· Fantastic weather conditions with unique diversities.

· Vehicles and pedestrians follow a realistic AI.

· The Reward System for missions is good.

Download now and enjoy the fantastic Bus Simulator 17.

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