The discovery of the present-day digital cameras has truly been a long journey. In fact, it only started with the development of the analogue cameras which could not produce images of high quality. This was then followed by the discovery of the early digital cameras which gave relatively much better results. Sincerely speaking, I have to thank the Apple technology company for coming up with the Camera RX iPhone app which has made photography an even much better experience.

What makes the Camera RX iPhone App so Special?

· Easy to Operate and Control – The camera has a higher performance since one doesn’t need to press a specific button in order to take a photo. With camera RX, you only need to tap anywhere on the screen and you will have your photographs taken. Additionally, the device can always be held at the best of comfort since the camera has no shutter button and all the functions are located at the bottom part of the screen.

· Quick Access of the Photo Library and Other related Functionalities – It has always been a culture to have a look at every photo we have taken probably before taking the next shot. Once you are with this app, everything including the camera settings can be reached just by a swipe on the screen.

· Offers a wide Range of Image Manipulation Options – While using this camera app, one can easily correct and filter images using the Adobe Creative Cloud. Furthermore, there is a possibility of storing the white balance settings as defaults which will apply on any photographs taken.

· It Has the Anti-Shake Correction Option – This feature is very important in such instances as taking still photographs in which even a slight movement is unnecessary. 

· Well Enhanced Photo Composition – This feature is aided by the presence of the grid display option which facilitates a desired orientation of the various features within the field of view. This facilitates the aspects of photography such as middle background, left background or even center among many others.


Other Relevant Functionalities

A part from the above mentioned advantages of using the camera RX iPhone app, there are still many more functionalities that will ensure that the best quality is always achieved in the final output. This include;

i. Image’s Information is Usually Displayed

This information is captured together with your photographs inform of metadata and include such things as time and date when the shot was taken, camera settings and copyright information among many more. This information is useful when planning for future purchases or even for ensuring a high photo quality.

ii. Frame Ratio adjustment in video recording

This is a feature that is available only on few digital cameras. It allows for the adjustment of the captured video to exactly fit the active window.

iii. Spirit level functionality

This option ensures that the users take photos which are in line with the horizontal. With the app, it is possible for both landscape and portrait orientations.

iv. And not to forget, this incredible app also operates with wide-angle and dual lenses ensuring that zooming in and out doesn’t affect the image quality even through a doubled distance.

Even though camera RX is so perfect in most cases, it has got some notable disadvantages. For instance, it requires more time for one to understand its full functionality, second, it can only run properly on iPhone unlike other general apps. From my personal point of view and experience, I strongly believe that it is among the best apps following the good features noted in this article. Let us therefore try it for a better experience.


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