Looking for a first class music app that will fulfill all your musical needs while giving you maximum pleasure and experience? Then Infinite Music iPhone app is the answer. It is a high rated music app which does not only make life pleasurable but gives you a brand new experience with music. It combines accuracy, exceptional features, and a great interface to give you a quality service. it is a high-quality app that is compatible with iPhone and iPad.

 Special Features

– Excellent dynamic light display

– The app is clean, well designed, it is available for both iPhone and iPad.

– Allows the user to sort the songs based on the order of what he or she wants to listen to.

– Shuffles and repeats songs

– Has customized music player lock screen

– Has 3D and bass effect which makes your music sound professional while giving you a pleasant music hearing     experience.

– Gives the user maximum opportunity to play his or her favorite songs.

– Offers the user the ability to create automatic mashups from an album, playlist.

– Has an amazing file app which enables you to keep all your files in one place. This means that you can put your music into categories, I.e, pop, jazz, jam etc.

– Has dropbox audio files or cloud drive

– The interface is legible enough and it is extremely easy to use.

– Infinite music app performs wonders in detecting your location, whether in your car, your room, running, walking or resting and can automatically play music that best suits your activity for the moment.

-Has excellent playing music spectrum analysis. It can be described as an “extraordinary super music app”



– Infinite Music app, unlike apple music app, supports portrait and landscape modes, has background audio and supports 3d-touch and multi-tasking

– Infinite music app is simply the ultimate and most effective app for listening to music because, among other great benefits, it also grants you maximum access to your cloud-based music collection on the go.

– The app is free and meets users requirement in a great way.

– If you don’t like a particular song, then you can use your leg as a remote (by accelerating or slowing down a bit) and infinite Music will choose another track that suits your new rhythm.

– It offers high-quality tunes

– Has the ability to jump from one song to another when they are acoustically similar

– Its offers remarkable functionality which makes your playlist become interactive

– Another amazing uniqueness about this app is that it starts playing a mashup of selected songs from your iTunes library once you open the app. It also presents you the access to play with audio sequences that flow together inside your playlist and songs


Based on legal reason, Infinite music is yet to be compatible with streaming sites

 Final Verdict

Infinite Music iPhone app is a stunning and an amazing music app, beautifully designed and packed with some remarkable and powerful super features to help fulfill your musical needs.

It is a 5 star rated app and customers review of this app shows that it is 90% perfect, and gives a great amount of freedom which is unparalleled, therefore, for the best of high quality music experience, then go for Infinite Music iPhone app in your device.


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