There are many cashback websites available in the market. Cashbacks usually occur when yousend money through online modes using any banking methods. Through cashbacks you get back a small percentage of the amount you send to the receiver. Cashback websites allow users to send money and take advantage of the digital marketing schemes by getting a commission from the amount the affiliate companies receive for customers shopping with them.  Cashback sites offer a surprising number of services for different products including online banking, groceries, flights, online dating services and breakdown cover. You can earn even more cashbacks by referring your friends or family to the site.

There are many cashback sites that would even give you the entire amount of cashback you are awarded. Cashback Candy is a web based mobile application that offers free cash during every transaction.

How the app works:

Download and install the ‘Cashback Candy – India Cashbacks, offers, referrals’ app on your mobile phone or other smart devices like your laptop or tablet. This app guarantees to offer cashbacks on the online stores. Cashback Candy has all the online stores available in it with extra cashback offers. Through Cashback Candy you get to visit an exclusive list of special offers from the online sites. When you connect your friends through the app, you and your contact, both, get cashback during their shopping for lifetime. This app offers one of the best referral programs in the industry. The cashbacks you get automatically gets credited into your wallet. It is as easy as eating candy. Cashback Candy offers the best of India cashback all over the country.

Features of the app:

  • Cashback offers in online stores
  • Get extra cashback and discounts offers in all your favourite stores
  • Visit the list of exclusive special offers regularly
  • Excellent cashback offers when you connect a family or friend.

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