Zombies seem to invade everything we have ever loved, perhaps they will do more than that and be a real threat one day.  Until that day comes there is a cool game called Coins vs Zombies that has been around since the summer of 2011.  It is a fun and enjoyable game that reminds me of simple coin games that you would find the old arcades.  In those old arcades you would launch coins and they would land on a table hopping the would push off and drop coins or items into your tray.  This made it an addictive game, and so is the Coins vs Zombies game.


Are your worthy of shooting coins at the zombies in order to earn newer zombies to attack, and who will later attack you?  Use your finger to shoot coins at knock down the zombies similar to that of a shooting gallery.  Unlike items, coins, zombies and many more items as your level up your way to taking down as many zombies as you can.


This addictive game contains tons of mind blowing art work that is unique to the game.  There is so much going on in the images that if you are not careful, you may just miss your target and cost yourself the game. Download the app to your mobile device and enjoy as you nail some zombies with coins.