During your exams, there is a lot of pressure of your parents on you and less time to study. The reason being you don’t study the whole year and also there is a lack of time management. Then, you want to find out how much time you devote to each of your subjects so that you can easily prepare for your exams. In that situation, you need to track your time, but running a stop watch each time and noting down the statistics in a notepad is not worth it.

Suppose, you are an employee and your boss asked you to track the time taken in executing a project. Then what will you do? Do you note the time each and every second and waste your whole day, which should be spent on your project? Are you lacking somewhere? Wait, It’s not your fault, but the way you’re doing work is wrong. It becomes a tedious task to track the time manually. There is a better option you can look forward! Yes, I’m talking about the latest web based-app called Clockodo, time tracking software for Small and Medium-Sized Companies, that has been developed by Clickbits GmbH.

Clockodo is a Time tracking as well as Time managing software useful for freelancers and small and medium-sized companies. You and your co-workers can track your working hours online, quickly, simply and reliably with the smartphone clock. In this way you can manage your time, evaluate your scheduled and actual working hours, overtime, vacations and absences of an employee.

Clockodo simply shows you when you start, end and temporarily interrupt your work. You just have to Login to the website or you can use its 14-day free trial. Choose the type of work and click the stop watch. Record your working hours, bill your hours and then create customizable reports in a flash to retain a complete overview. You’ll get summaries, reports, time recording, just as you need them and it should be!

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With Clockodo, you have crystal clear reports of your company which will not only increase your profit but also will help in the growth of your company. You can use automatically generated time sheets to bill your projects faster and more accurately with this app. It’s a web-based time-tracking application which makes it available anywhere at any time.
Clockodo is a safe and secure app. SSL encryption is used in all communications with the online time-tracking software. It does not disclose any data to third parties, and complies with German data protection regulations. It keeps an eye on vacation hours, approve requests, reduce overtime hours and view daily hours worked.

Basically, it’s a replacement of Microsoft Excel based time management. It does not require any other tool, you just need to have this application on your mobile phone.

One the whole, Clockodo is a very powerful, user-friendly and clearly designed tool to track your daily activities. The graphics of the app are very intuitive in nature. It’s available only for free on the web!

So what are you waiting for? Try this one!

Pros: efficient time management; beautifully and neatly designed interface; reliable; export in CSV format; safe and secure;  free.Watch All Girls Weekend (2016) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Cons: none.

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