Composing music is not an easy forte, one requires passion, determination and drive, along with sheer talent to become a legend. Bob Marley, Eric Clapton, Jeff Buckley and many more brought their own style into the music and moved the audience, every single time they played their heart out.
That’s what the Coach Guitar Tunar Tabs is all about. Now unlike all the other apps , where you are guided in a confined manner to learn a specific skill set over and over again (Or sometimes just crashes out of nowhere), Coach Guitar apps allows you to explore your horizons, offering flexibility as to what you desire to learn and compose. Wouldn’t it be better if we know how to play guitar before actually spending money on a real one? Coach Guitar helps you achieve that goal.

The jaw dropping theme encompassing the gist of everything, an aspiring guitarist can think of. In the digital era where everything is on your palm, Coach Guitar has brought the versatility of learning & enjoying the music through guitar right in your cell phone. Unlike other music instrument apps, Coach Guitar focuses on the learning of basics for its users. Make no mistake this app doesn’t help its users, it empowers their confidence and skill to play guitar.

Key points about the app

  • An interactive UI allows you to smoothly learn from the HD Video lessons ,the variations in the intensity of music syllables in the songs. Moreover, it allows the user to practice on the verse of the songs, one at a time (No rush, learn at your own and perfect it at each stage).
  • While learning the guitar, one always faces the problem to remember the chords(animated coloured fretboard) and how to vary their pitch according to their needs, this difficulty can be overcome by this app, as it allows virtual graphics that depicts as to how to progress with the chords over the course of the song.
  • Every person has their own learning style and in their own way they progress. Keeping that in mind the app allows user a wide variety of songs varying on the basis of difficulty and complexity by categorizing them under different levels like Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced
  • Not just that, App allows the user to understand the functioning of a guitar by providing descriptive graphics and structures. One of the cool features of this enthralling app is the Backing track with voice, now if you want to check the rhythm you can sing along while you learn how to play a guitar. Tunar tabs helps you to tune up the guitar according to your custom needs.

Somethings to watch out for:

  • Due to interactive UI and many descriptive features, the app size is considerably large, which might create some issues while running.
  • After a couple of free beginner level songs, the app charges you for a single song, which is pretty hefty but considering the additional features the app provides, it is acceptable.
  • Apart from the space concerns and the cost, this a great app which is full of detailed features and helpful for those who aspires and loves to play guitar and embark on a new journey to discover their own music.

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