Create Magic in minutes with GRAB AR

I have tried enormous interactive content-making apps but was never been satisfied with their performance. Finally had an intuition after reading the features of GRAB AR that It will be the best one for my career. With a straight yes I could tell you that I am so very happy with this application since it resolved all my queries in getting my work done with no time. The time spent in this app is qualitative and constructive as well. Moreover, this application is simple and easy to use and additionally the free version is just amazing in its way. Using GRAB AR you can differentiate your brand and engage your audience with simple applications.

Get to know GRAB AR (Image Notes | Interactive Content)

GRAB AR is your Private, safe and  Secure Interactive Content Viewer / QR Code Scanner. It automatically removes the background of any Image to provide an enhanced Augmented Reality Experience by placing the Image on the AR Camera to view in any surroundings.

  • GRAB AR is the simplest way to create, save and share a collection of images with notes and/or links associated!
  •  GRAB Collections of your chosen Images on one screen to represent content, double-tap to add/view notes or links, a position as you want and then save and share! Use to price jobs, visually describe the process, inspect, archive assets, educate users, create shopping lists, share brand information.

Features of GRAB AR (Image Notes | Interactive Content)

Very SIMPLE – As basic as the name says GRAB AR. Indeed snatch the chose pictures on one screen to address content, twofold tap to add/see notes or connects, a situation as you need and afterward save and offer. It is not difficult to utilize and explore. Get AR is a natural Mobile App.

Generally POWERFUL – GRAB Images (GRAB Collections) to outwardly address content. Save GRAB Collections in the ‘.GRABAR’ File arrangement to store and share. Open.GRABAR Files from the Mobile as well as Web App. Make GRAB AR QR Codes and even create Word/PDF archives! GRABAR Collection records and even produce reports (Word/PDF) from GRAB Collections!

MORE USEFUL – Save time and Increase Productivity. Join and offer data with Images and Notes in one. Produce Documents with the substance of your GRAB Collections and related notes/joins.

Features of GRAB AR

  • It is a Safe, Secure and Private Interactive Content Viewer, QR Scanner and a simple AI Image Background Remover.
  • Just GRAB your favorite Content from GRAB AR QR Codes, This is the quickest way to get Image Content Items to your Mobile device.
  • You can Add/View Notes and Links for any Image Content Item.
  • Just Add multiple Image Content Items in GRABAR Collection.
  • You can Generate Word and PDF Documents (with Images and Notes) from GRABAR Collections.
  • Simple to Save and Share all the GRABAR Collection Files.
  • You can use a Web App to Open and Create GRABAR Files.
  • GRAB AR QR Code Website Add-In.
  • Create GRAB AR QR Codes.
  • It is the simple AR Content Viewer | AR Camera.
  • Inbuilt with simple QR Reader | QR Scanner.
  • Inbuilt with AI Image Background Remover.
  • It is simple, intuitive and easy to use AR App UI/UX.
  • You can Select Image Content Items from your Camera, GRAB AR QR Codes, Phone Photos, or any Image URL.
  • Easy to Move, scale and resize images to position as required.
  • Easy Visualisation of how Content Items look in any environment that you choose.
  • This is a Two-in-one image capture and photo background eraser app.
  • It has an option to save the no background images as transparent png for future use.

Features in Free version

  • GRAB AR allows 5 Image Content Items per GRAB Collection just in the free version
  • You can remove 10 Background Removal GRAB Images per day
  • You can Subscribe for up to 25 Image Content Items per GRAB Collections
  • Unlimited Background Removal GRAB Images use and
  • Add free application

At long last, My involvement in GRAB AR was great. Circus Soft technologies initiate is to be appreciated. Simply love this new delivery in the play store. Truly talking you won’t ever lament downloading GRAR AR since it makes wizardry with your substance simply in minutes with its awe-inspiring highlights. Give a try with the free version and I’m certain you’ll wind up refreshing to the paid version of GRAB AR. Just grab it from the play store and be spotlighted by all with your work perfectly.

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