I am an android user and gaming is my first love. I browse through the applications and games all almost all day to find the latest one and download them to see how interesting they work for me. A few days back I found this game cross one puzzle, a crazy puzzle game. The game has got hundreds of varied puzzles that keep me involved in them every time I access the application.

Having this in my hand set made my days. The features that this game comes with are distinguished and make it even more worth playing. The basic concept that I have understood about the game is its trying to enhance your experience of playing puzzles online by giving you a chance to explore a new one every time. The best part is this game never ends you can keep on playing it for hours and days and it has still got new and exciting levels for you. I never imagined myself sticking to a single game for so long. But cross one puzzle crossed every boundary.


Another feature that is taking the eye of the people is the tower puzzle challenge that allows you to play with other people online accessing the application and bet their score. It adds to the fun factor of the game. Hints and undoing the previous step help you learn the game better and sharpen your moves. The graphics are not complicated so that they do not disturb you while solving the puzzle. They are kept simple and give you mind to solve the puzzles. Soundtrack and exciting sound are so much fun while playing.

As a user I may not have words to define the experience as it just too exotic to be explained once after tasted. Yet is a smart yet fun game, as it involves you totally into it and thus makes you addicted to it. Features are sharp and as I have no complaints about game having encountering any bugs or hanging my phone while playing, I would suggest it to be a perfect pick. You can download the game on any version of android from 4.0.3 to above and let the world of experience open itself to you by downloading the app through the following link


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