Are you planning to get Canadian Permanent Residency (Canadian PR) and want to know about Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points are? Look no further than CRS Score Calculator – Canada, developed by Pioneer IT. This app helps you easily calculate your CRS score for Canada Express Entry. You can also check the highest and lowest CRS draw and share the app with your friends.

Key Features

CRS Score Calculator – Canada is a comprehensive app that helps you calculate your CRS score. The app asks you to enter some Canada PR-based questions such as marital status, age, education, experience and language proficiency. On the basis of this information, the CRS Calculator points system will generate a score so that you can know whether you are eligible for Canadian Immigration or Canada Permanent Residency (Canadian PR).


The highest points you can score for age is 100 points (with spouse) or 110 points (without spouse). You will score 0 points for the age below 17 years or above age 45 years.


You have the chances to score 150 points if you have Doctoral University-level degree (PhD). For master level education 135 points, for diploma with two certificates 128 points, for Bachelor degree 120 points, for two-year program 98 points, for One-year program 90 points, for High school graduation 30 points and for below education 30 points is given.


Applicant with spouse can acquire maximum 128 points and without spouse 136 points is eligible.

Canada Work Experience

One can get highest CRS score of 80 points (without spouse) and 70 points (with spouse) for 5 years Canadian work experience


CRS Score Calculator – Canada is an amazing app for those who are looking to get permanent residency in Canada. It makes the process of calculating your CRS score much easier and faster. The app also helps you understand where you stand in the Express Entry pool. The app is compatible with all devices- iPhone, iPad, Android, tablet.

Final Thoughts

CRS Score Calculator – Canada is a great app for those who want to get permanent residency in Canada. It helps you calculate your CRS score instantly and understand your position in the Express Entry pool. The app also allows you to share it with your friends and family. With this app, you can easily check your eligibility for Canadian PR.