In this age of the Internet where official & personal communication is done through the Internet, protecting privacy has become a major concern.

Few months back one of my friend’s legitimate business emails leaked out to the competitor. Not only that most of his data are stolen. The hard part is that his chat and email details also were stolen along with credit card details, and he got totally upset about that.

I have been trying to find a tool to protect our confidential communications at our office, which is very important for us as a research organization. Protecting our Intellectual property for which we have spent so much time & money is of major concern for us.

PGP Tools from SJ Software
In my search to find a tool. I have found PGP Tools from SJ software which I found to be the best & most reliable.

It is a mobile app available for IOS, android as well as windows. It encrypts text and makes it safe to send all your messages, whether it is email, SMS, Skype etc. very secure.

I like this app since SJ software uses the encryption method that has not been hacked, until now, in its entire history since its development in 1991.

What is PGP?
PGP stands for pretty good privacy. As the name suggests it safeguards your privacy. It is an asymmetric method of encryption and the most reliable encryption method in the industry. It is not only most trusted but also simple to use.

It this method, every single user uses encryption key called as Private Key, and that is unique to the user. You can encrypt your data’s and send to your friend. After they receive your data, they can use the private key and decrypt it.

PGP Versions:
Based on an algorithm the tools come in two versions.
1. Rivest- Shamir – Adleman (RSA).
It uses IDEA algorithm. This version has to pay a fee to RSA for using IDEA algorithm.
2. Diffie-Hellman :
It uses CAST algorithm approach. Using this algorithm, it generates a short key to encrypt the messages.

How PGP tools differ from Other Tools?
You will see a lot of encrypted tools in the market. They all use algorithms to convert data into a digital form.

The converting data is a time-consuming process.
Here comes the genius of PGP Tools. It uses a sophisticated algorithm so that conversion process needs very little time.

Advantages of PGP tool?
PGP Tools generate keys for everyone message making it much more secure & hacked proof. Each message can be secured with separate password making it very convenient.

It provides complete anonymity with both encryptions as well as decryption.
PGP tools are compatible with multiple platforms. I have found it to work well across IOS, windows & android mobile devices.

I find the interface the app provides very appealing. It is very easy to operate with a click of a button. You can generate key pair without even exiting the application. I could also import & export keys with ease and assign it to the intended person without any confusion.

It helps me secure my financial communication along with intellectual property-related communication.
In essence, if you want to communicate with utter peacefulness without the worry of losing privacy and sensitive information, PGP Tools is the best tool you can get. It is most affordable at $.99 and has 100% money-back guarantee for 30 days.


What should you do?
If you have not used PGP tools, you are compromising your privacy and missing an important tool to protecting valuable information.

It is worth trying since you will not get any better tool with the best in the industry functionality at rock-bottom prices at no risk to you.