Ready for an imminently approaching adventure? If so, it is true that one of the crucial elements that will be considered is the camera. Due to lots of sceneries and interesting things worth capturing, the entire adventure period can turn out to be fascinating. Meanwhile, getting an app that can assist one to capture the photo in real time with geo-location details can be much better. There is no need to worry. The designing and creation of TimeSet app has really provided the ultimate solution. 

Apparently, this social-interactive app comes with a unique experience that focuses on adventures, discoveries and exploration around the world. It takes into account the use of photos that are tagged with geo-location content. This is to ensure that one can easily organize them and share with friends much easily during adventure times. Besides, the user is introduced to anthology of images that explains different stories of different locations in the world. Through creating a bucketlist, such images can be narrowed to best suit the interests and needs of the user. Clearly, it is a must-recommend for everyone with a compatible device!

How the Time Set app operates

Apparently, this fantastic app is focused on creating a connection that brings the events of an exploration into display through geo-tagged photos. The user-friendly interface is designed in a unique way to ensure that the overall performance is satisfactory. While using this app, an individual is inspired to visit virtually unique hotspots, explore historical cities and even develop bucketlist. The user is also offered a chance to track different travels by capturing photos based on time and place. Such photos can then be shared with friends on the Timefeed to receive comments, likes, shares and also location following.


This fantastic app has proven to have a stable platform that ensures its performance is excellent. Thus, the user will need to adopt a device that perfectly matches the functionality of this app. The current compatible device is Android version 4.1 and above.


Here are the exceptional features that come out in this great app:

Go Global

Time Set app opens up the world of adventure to its users by allowing them to explore and create a world map of memories. The user can have a chance to follow different locations such as Buenos Aires, Berlin, London and even the historical Athens and get the best feel for exploration. Such an adventure experience is bound to be quite memorable and worth trying or an ardent traveler or photo lover.

Share journey experiences

How about capturing geo-tagged photos and sharing them with friends? This is an amazing approach especially when one is in an adventurous trip. TimeSet app offers a platform where an individual can create and share memories of the trip. This can be facilitated by capturing the photos on real-time in different geo-locations and then proceed to organize them ready for sharing with friends and other TimeSet users.

Come up with a bucketlist

The essence of having a personal unique bucketlist is to enable an individual to bring together different interests with regard to exploration. The bucketlist created will contain features that the user would wish to explore. It actually acts as goals setter with a great hope of the user achieving them during an adventurous period. Some of the components that may be included can be related to art, music, nightlife, education, foods, games, alert and much more.

Manage the following

Time Set app offers an individual a chance to either become inclusive or exclusive when it comes to interaction. This simply means that the user can opt to filter the number of friends, locations and followers to interact with. Though this feature is optional, it is mainly focused on boosting privacy of the user.

Create adventures

As a user, one can come up with great plans for adventures that people with the same interests can perform together. How is it done? Actually, one will be required to send request to friends in the same community with regard to an imminent adventure together. This can be mountain climbing, visiting archeological sites, movie watching and many others. It’s also a good chance to know each other in person and interact during the exploration.

Pros and Cons identified in this app include the following:


· Group adventures are incredible

· Amazing interaction with people

· Efficient posting of geo-tagged photos

· A chance to set exploration goals

· Lots of interests to choose for bucketlist


· Slowdown in performance due to bugs

· Mild sexual content

Final Verdict

A great adventurous experience has been presented to users by the unique TimeSet app. The user can now have a chance to connect to the global anthology of images in a single platform. The use of geo-tagged photos in this app brings the adventurous moments into reality and allows the user to share such photos with friends in real-time. So far, the app has been well received by its users given that it has an overall rating of 4.7 stars. It is absolutely worth downloading, It is currently available on the Google Play for free.


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