With the recent data breaches and hacks, there is an ever-growing need to protect your personal identity. DialMask is an iOS app that will protect your phone number from exposure to the public hence reducing the chances of your personal information being compromised and reducing chances of identity theft.

Your mobile number is public information. You give it to people without having a second thought. But DialMask adds a layer of protection, ensuring your phone number remains secure and safe. With DialMask, you can receive and make calls, send and receive texts without sharing your number using your private number provided by DialMask.

Although it is a paid app, you can opt for a trial period by just registering with your phone number. After signing up, you get a free credit worth $2.50 which is enough to make your first calls to Canada or US for ten minutes to test the feel and functionality of the app.

Features of the DialMask App.
1. Easy registration.

Creating your DialMask account is very easy. You will not be required to provide any personal information. The information required is only your phone number, and you are good to go.

2. Not a Call Forwarding Service or Call Back service.

DialMask is not a callback neither is it a call forwarding service. The app allows you to make calls, receive a call or even send text messages while keeping your phone number private. Your recipients will only have access to your DialMask number.

3.Pay as you go.

With DialMask, you don’t have to subscribe to any contracts. It is a pay as you go service. You only need to add funds to your app account when you need them.

4. Choose your private number.

The app allows you to choose you own private number. You don’t have to contend with automatically generated phone numbers that you don’t like. Your chosen phone number also comes with voicemail. You can also add or delete your private phone number when you need it.

5. Make international calls.

The app allows you to make a call anywhere in the world, both local and international. The rates charged when making local or international calls are very competitive. Apart from using your DialMask number to make international and local calls, you can also turn your new number into a specifically dedicated conference call service.

The app also allows your to send text messages locally and internationally to some specific countries like France, US, Canada, Germany or UK.

Requirements for using the app.

Using the app requires you to have an iPhone 5S device or higher, an active mobile number, iOs 8.0 or higher, internet connection either through 3G, LTE,4G and Wi-Fi.

The app cannot be used in an Apple watch or an iPad.


Pros of the app.

-Does not use any mobile phone minutes.

-Does not need to require any personal information to register for a number.

Cons of the app.

-Cannot be used for emergency calls.

-The availability of local area codes may vary.

This is an amazing app for using in instances where you need to make your phone number private like hiring a plumber, or when you sue your phone number for business purposes.