There are some games that are new, and others that have taken what has already been done, and changed the perspective in order to give you a new look and feel. While tunnel racing games have been done before, none of them have been done quite like Falldown 3D. This fun version of the tunnel racing genre changes the perspective of you racing down a tunnel to more like falling down the tunnel instead.

The mind blowing artwork that this game encompasses are similar to the old Duke Nukem series of graphics. Yet the 3D perspective will leave you with an enjoyable experience. The game play is simple and definitely worthy of your time as you tilt your mobile device from side to side to race down the tunnel. You want to avoid any objects in your path so you can get to the finish as soon as possible. Be warned though as this is an addictive game that will leave you wanting more.


There is some challenge to this cool game though and people will often get stuck on certain levels, especially level 5. Should this happen to you in your game play, simply put your phone down on the table of flat surface and look down as if you are looking down a hole. This little tip will help you solve some of those difficult levels in Falldown 3D.