It’s rightly said that to pursue a successful career, a person has to give up many wants and luxuries. The moment you pass an interview for your dream job, there starts a path that leads to many ventures and promotions. You go through many different doors but none opens up into your own home. You’re always on the go, from one destination to another; hotels have a new definition in your travel dictionary. So the time you spend with your family is almost negligible. The memories are obsolete of the days when you supported your favorite Rugby team like a fanatic. But now it’s the turn of your children and you can’t leave them alone, can you? So why don’t you join them during the match this Sunday. And don’t forget to invite everybody from your family; cousins, neighbors, friends, father, grandfather. It’d be quality time spent with family.

Before you start checking your schedule for this weekend, wait. You don’t have to go anywhere; neither do you have to cancel any of your appointments. Just take out your iOS device and download this app called GameOn that has been developed by Korrio. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPod and requires iOS 8.1 or any later version of the OS.

GameOn allows family members and friends to come together on a platform and follow sporting events together. Anyone can create a channel; particularly a person who stays at home and actually watches these events live. It can be anyone; your son, your wife or your friends who are lucky to have the weekend off. So they create a channel by sport, team, player or season. So if the English Premium League has just kicked off, it’d be a good option to create a channel for it. So what does a channel do?

Each such channel carries all the details of the ongoing matches as well as the upcoming events; scores, scorers, pictures from the match, etc. So even if you’re out of station busy in a meeting, you’d still be updated with every aspect of the game. But these scores are available on any sports website, right? So what makes GameOn unique and special is the “family” factor. Here, everybody’s onboard; uncles, cousins, children, friends, parents and grandparents. They all will be commenting on every new update rolling in the match. They can also share the event. So it’s like sitting next to your family in your drawing room and supporting your team eating popcorns.

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The app’s interface has four different sections. The channels section shows you all the channels that you’re following. The “Notifications” section tells you about the upcoming events. The highlights section gets you the feed from all the channels at one place and gives you a quick sneak-peek into the important happenings of the day.

So overall, I think that GameOn is the perfect place to spend your weekend, even when you’re working. The app is available for free in the App Store. So don’t forget to check it out!

Pros: intuitive interface; latest scores on the go; comment and share; create channel by sport, team, player or season; free.

Cons: none.