Home Decor is a new iPhone app which aims to help regular users decorate their houses without having to call an expert or go through the chores of hiring a company to do it. The app actually shows users how a normal living room or bedroom would look like when several types of furniture items and designer lighting are applied. Thanks to this aspect, no one has to buy things and then regret the decision as they not look good. Now anyone can see exactly how the room would look like if those objects are in place.

App Features:

– Works well for anyone
Even those who are not home designers by any mean can take advantage of this app. It is built very creatively, allowing anyone to set the desired furniture and decoration objects in a virtual environment without any harm to the actual room. Thus, is very easy to see exactly how the future room will look like when finished.

– Various types of furniture objects
From designer chairs, sofas and up to drawers, everything is available in the Home Decor app. Furthermore, there are hundreds of models available so it shouldn’t be any problem finding an object which reflects someone’s exact wishes. Multiple objects can be set at one time and changed with only a simple swipe. Even the colors and details are customizable.

– Multiple types of lighting appliances
Lighting is the final touch of any room, and all serious interior decorators know that. Thanks to this app anyone can now experiment with different types of lighting decorations and lamps, including ones such as Chandelier Lightings, Tiffany Lightings and Tech Lightings. Once again, hundred of different models and colors are available, so all one needs is to decide on a certain item and set it in the virtual environment to see how it looks like.

– Thousands of different combination possibilities
The app allows users to experiment with thousands of different appliance/furniture mixes, and even try new color mixes to see which ones work best. This is not an app for the experts, but for regular home users who want to save some money and try out different room deco styles without actually applying them first. Many have bought decoration items without thinking well first and then had to sell them, but this won’t be an issue for those who use the Home Decor app for iPhone/iPad.
– Discounts / quotes from vendors
Those who use this app have the possibility to get significant discounts and direct quotes from appliance/furniture vendors, thanks to a unique system created by TryOnApps Inc. Furthermore, the app is entirely free to use, so no one will have to pay even few dollars to play around with the virtual room environment.


The Home decor app for iPhone and iPad is ideal for anyone struggling with interior decorations. It is suitable especially for those who have no knowledge in the domain, yet desire for a certain type of decorations and appliances. This app doesn’t use much of device’s memory, is free to download, and can be used as many times as desired.