Primarily photography is only one component of the equation. Editing is equally important, and Darkroom is one of the best apps available, supporting RAW and ProRAW photos and allowing you to edit photos in batches. The best part is that it’s free, though there is a monthly subscription option for additional features.

Universal & Free Photo Editor

All of the tools you require to bring your photos to life are mostly available for free on iPhone, iPad, and Mac, comprising Live Photos, RAW images, and Portrait images.

Video Editor (Darkroom+ Subscription)

They are quick and easy real-time colour grading. All of our filters and editing tools, including batch processing, are video-compatible.

Curves & Selective Color Tools (Darkroom+ Subscription)

Darkroom’s heart and soul: the most useful Curves and Selective Color tools on iOS. They adeptly perform a balancing act of functionality, simplicity, and power.

Portrait Blur Editing

Separately edit the foreground and background of your Portrait photos. Customize the blur in your Portrait photos, as well as the Brightness, Contrast, and Saturation of your foreground/background.

Raw Editing

RAW photos should be edited at their full resolution to recover the full range of details in the shadows and highlights.

Full Album Management

The full suite of album management tools allows you to quickly organise your library. Every action you take in Darkroom vividly affects your iCloud Photo Library.

Create Your Own Filters

They are the same tools used by pragmatic professional photographers to create filters. You can also adeptly modify any of the built-in or premium filters to suit your needs, or you can create your own from scratch.

Hashtag Manager and Siri Shortcuts

You can professionally develop hashtag sets that you can export with a single tap from anywhere: the home screen, the Today widget, the Export sheet, and more. Also, make your own Siri Shortcuts to quickly copy all of your favourite hashtags from any app.

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