COVID-19 has woken many of us up to the importance of estate planning. Over 30% of people aged 18-34 in the USA have made a will due to concern about the pandemic. The demographics have shifted and, unfortunately, a will isn’t enough to guarantee a smooth transition for the surviving family.

Without careful estate planning, you can leave them with a mess to sort out. Some things are not covered by legal documents like a will. That’s where EZ Estate comes in. Available to download on iOS and Google Play, the app provides you with a list of everything you should do in order to properly plan your estate.

Within the app you’ll find categories like ‘Last personal messages’ where you can record messages for your loved ones. There’s also ‘My businesses’ where everything from partnerships and contacts to accounts can be added. ‘My funeral’ details your requested funeral arrangements, and there are so many more covering all aspects of estate planning. It takes the confusion away from the whole process, helped further by the handy tracker that lets you know how much you’ve done.

Did you know that in over 80% of families, one person is responsible for managing the bills. When that person dies, it can lead to a lot of unnecessary confusion and stress. EZ Estate helps to eliminate that stress by allowing you to store all of that information should it ever be needed.

It’s never too late to start planning your estate to make sure you avoid causing your loved ones unnecessary stress. You can get the app on iOS, Google Play or visit for more information