Decktopus AI, the all-in-one presentation software powered by advanced artificial intelligence technology, lets you experience the future of presentations. Decktopus AI eliminates the stress of presentation design and formatting by using AI-generated outlines, slide content, images, icons, slide items, and even slide notes and scripts.

Decktopus AI has you covered whether you’re a business professional preparing for a critical meeting, an educator delivering a critical lecture, or anyone looking to create impressive presentations effortlessly. Your slides will always look perfect and tailored to your needs through to its auto-adjusted layouts.

Get Image & Icon Suggestions

  • There’s no need to waste time browsing stock photo websites. Decktopus will find them for you if you click the magic button.

Your Slide Note is Complete

  • Have the slides but are at a loss for words? Decktopus will speak for you with customised slide notes for your topic and audience!

Get More Slide Content

  • Exhausted of searching your mind for new talking points? Decktopus will provide you with additional items to enhance your presentation.

Improve Your Presentation Skills


  • Gather data and feedback from your audience in real time.

 Voice Recorder

  • Audio narration adds a personal touch to your decks.

Custom Domain

  • Connect your own custom domain to create a unique brand experience.


  • Webhook integration allows you to automate actions and streamline workflows.

Embed Live Websites and Videos

  • Use multimedia elements to enhance your presentations.

Easy Update

  • You can easily update your content without changing the share link.

Decktopus AI has transformed many businesses. The AI-powered deck builder creates visually stunning and incredibly professional presentations. The users were blown away by the design quality and ease of use. Decktopus is rapidly growing in popularity as the fastest and most engaging document and presentation tool for no-code creators, busy professionals, or anyone looking to expand their audience.

Final Thoughts

Decktopus helps everyone, from individuals to small and medium-sized businesses, improve their online presence. Decktopus is the best and fastest presentation and document tool you’ve ever used.